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back in black. March 27, 2011

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I’m finally home from London but still feel like I’m in a different time zone. I had two days at work this past week and they were great – I really, really like my job. How long has it been since I could say that? To keep it, I just have to sell loads and loads of travel, so give me a call, whydontcha?

I spent an hour this morning paying bills online and trying to remember my various account passwords. I know I need to create a skeleton key but I can never seem to get around to doing it. While I was in London I had a moment of extreme panic when I was locked out of my email account. This was a first for me, since I’ve stupidly had the same password for seven years. I was terrified someone had gotten into it, and the process to get it updated was so frustratingly difficult — I don’t carry my cable bill with me when I travel, so I couldn’t access my latest security code. Anyway, it made me more aware that I need to keep better track of my passwords and security information so I can avoid such catastrophes.

Speaking of catastrophes, yesterday I ate an entire box of Kraft macaroni and cheese. An entire box. I had a voracious appetite and the only thing that sounded good was mac ‘n cheese. I guess it wasn’t such a huge problem — I got on the scale this morning and was down 1.5 pounds. I realize this isn’t a license to binge on boxes of processed pasta, but it made me feel less guilty. I’m calling this one my win of the week.


march already? March 2, 2011

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The days have been whipping past — I’m up early, working on school assignments (why, WHY did I decide to take classes and start a new job at the same time??), working out, then getting ready and heading off to work. Work itself is a whirlwind and time goes faster there than it has for me at any other job. Unlike pretty much every job I’ve ever had, there is zero downtime during the day. This means I can’t get my personal work done on company time and I find myself scrambling when I get home.

This time next week Mom and I will be on our way to London. I can’t wait to revisit the city and share the experience with my mother; it’s her first trip overseas. There will be no work, no school assignments, no chores or other obligations while I’m gone. Hell, my phone doesn’t even work across the ocean. All I can do is live in the moment, untethered and grounded at the same time.

Once I return I know I’ll be refreshed and inspired, ready to get back to my freelance projects and fulfill my obligations. I’ll find a routine that works.


open for business. February 18, 2011

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So, after weeks of sort of waiting to learn exactly how to do my job, I’m diving in head (face) first. I’m very confident about some aspects of the job, while others are going to take practice. How’s that for a ringing endorsement???

What I’m trying to say is that I’m ready to book your travel. I can help you find a trip anywhere in the world, book your hotel or air or car rental, cruise or tour. There are great deals out there right now, especially for cruises. So let me know how I can help you!

Drop me a line or post a comment if you want me to email you directly. You’ll get tons of special attention and care, and I promise you’ll have the trip of a lifetime.


hey stranger! February 16, 2011

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I got up at 4:30 this morning to do the laundry. For the past six weeks I’ve been on a bit of a roller coaster, and just can’t seem to get my bearings. When I think I’m finally the captain of my ship, everything pitches again and I’m back to square one. But today I’m on top of it, I promise.

Things at the new job are going well. After a lull training has kicked into high gear, and I’m prepping to sell travel. This is the scary part — actually putting the pieces together and submitting orders and invoices and charging cards. Planning a trip is one thing, being responsible for someone’s trip is something else. I’m a bit nervous, but I know after I get some practice I’ll feel better.

I have been working out in the mornings and trying to stay on top of my homework and the rest of my life (why I decided to take two classes and start a new job at the same time will forever remain a mystery!!!) and while I wouldn’t say I’m failing per se, I am not succeeding. This week (haven’t I said this before?) is about getting my balance back. Dear readers, I promise you (and myself) I am no mere hamster in a wheel. I do, and will, make forward progress. I just need to be better about documenting it.

I had a whole bunch of inspiration about the Oscars and other popular culture topics — some really funny insights, too. You’ll have to take my word on that. It’s time for me to get my underwear out of the dryer and keep this day rolling forward.

PS: happy belated Valentine’s day! smooch!


sunday. January 30, 2011

I was up super early this morning to do our laundry, clean the bathroom and get my finances in order. Are you salivating yet? I even picked out all of my outfits for the week! Last week was a whirlwind — I was out of town for training for three days, and while I actually enjoyed it, it did cramp my style quite a bit. And I missed Jason’s birthday. I feel terrible about it. But maybe not so bad about missing the family dinner, which apparently served up the usual drama.

Last year if you’d asked me about going on a cruise I would have said they are germ-ridden death traps. But now that I’m learning about cruises and staring at photos and/or video of tropical locales all day long, I really want to escape. It doesn’t help that I’m drawn to the luxury cruises (would you expect anything else?) and checking out staterooms that are bigger than our apartment. Yes, I do need 24-hour room service and a butler on-call. Yes, yes yes!

Like most of you, I’m worn down from the cold and the bleak landscape and long for some sunshine, and the cruise porn doesn’t help much. But I’m adjusting to the 40-hour week much better than I thought I would. There are a few areas I’m behind on — I’m still writing and have clients who probably want some results, but I know I’ll get that situation righted this week. Thanks for your patience (especially you, Jenn!)

I’m looking forward to an afternoon of 30 Rock and Parks and Recreation. I think we’re getting pho today. Simple pleasures, people.


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catch up. January 20, 2011

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So, what’s new with you? I’ve almost finished the second week of my new job — I am travel agent now. Well, not officially. I’m training to be a travel agent. Crazy, right? I have zero sales experience and while I’ve traveled, I don’t have any professional travel experience unless you count the summer during college when I worked at Vanguard Airlines booking flights.

I’m still not sure how I ended up in this job, but I think I’m going to like it. There are so many amazing places to visit, and I love reading about the cruises, hotels and tours.

The people at the office are fairly nice, though I think the other agents have their reservations about me because of my lack of experience. Of course this makes me want to trample them in sales, which is hard right now since I can’t sell anything. I was supposed to be in Illinois this week for training, but I got a call (literally five minutes before the Enterprise guy was to pick me up) that it was cancelled. It’s most likely going to be next week, which means I’ll miss Jason’s birthday. That blows.

The adjustment isn’t as difficult as I thought it would be, mostly because I’ve been so busy. When there’s a lull, I think about my empty couch and unread book and get a little wistful. And looking back, I also wonder how it was I accomplished so little while I was at home. With no real schedule it’s so easy to drift and procrastinate.

Once I’m all official I’ll let you know — then I can book your travel for you. And if you have any hesitation about using a travel agent, know that I can get you the exact same rates (or cheaper) you’ll find online as well as other deals you can’t get through the online sites like Expedia and Orbitz. Plus, I do the research and save you time, put you in vetted hotels, etc. Believe me, I’ve got a pitch for you, if you’re interested. I never thought about using a travel agent until I became one — now I can’t image why anyone would travel without one.

PS- just a little FYI

“According to current research, in the determination of a person’s level of happiness, genetics account for 50 percent; life circumstances, such as age, gender, ethnicity, marital status, income, health, occupation, and religious affiliation, account for about 10 to 20 percent; and the remainder is a product of how a person thinks and acts. In other words, people have an inborn disposition that’s set within a certain range, but they can boost themselves to the top of their happiness range or push themselves down to the bottom of their happiness range by their actions. This finding confirmed my own observations. It seems obvious that some people are more naturally ebullient or melancholic than others and that, at the same time, people’s decisions about how to live their lives also affect their happiness.”

(Gretchen Rubin, The Happiness Project.)


jitters. January 10, 2011

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So today is my first day at a new job. It’s been a year since I’ve been in an office, and more than four since I’ve started a new job with new people and unfamiliar surroundings.

I am a little scared of this change, and how it’s going to affect my life. There are plenty of good things that could come out of this, but there are bad things, too. How long do I give it? I suppose if I ever feel like I’m suffering, I should throw in the towel. It’s hard to delineate the boundary between being uncomfortable about change and the unknown or crossing over into being miserable because your situation will always be uncomfortable. Yes, this is what I worry about at 6:30 am.

I’m also nervous because I don’t really remember how to interact with people I don’t know — small talk, chit chat and all that. My foot spends a lot of time in my mouth as it is and I don’t want to come off as silent or snooty when I’m really just trying not to insult anyone with an inappropriate remark.

Wish me luck. I’ll let you know how it goes.