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back in black. March 27, 2011

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I’m finally home from London but still feel like I’m in a different time zone. I had two days at work this past week and they were great – I really, really┬álike my job. How long has it been since I could say that? To keep it, I just have to sell loads and loads of travel, so give me a call, whydontcha?

I spent an hour this morning paying bills online and trying to remember my various account passwords. I know I need to create a skeleton key but I can never seem to get around to doing it. While I was in London I had a moment of extreme panic when I was locked out of my email account. This was a first for me, since I’ve stupidly had the same password for seven years. I was terrified someone had gotten into it, and the process to get it updated was so frustratingly difficult — I don’t carry my cable bill with me when I travel, so I couldn’t access my latest security code. Anyway, it made me more aware that I need to keep better track of my passwords and security information so I can avoid such catastrophes.

Speaking of catastrophes, yesterday I ate an entire box of Kraft macaroni and cheese. An entire box. I had a voracious appetite and the only thing that sounded good was mac ‘n cheese. I guess it wasn’t such a huge problem — I got on the scale this morning and was down 1.5 pounds. I realize this isn’t a license to binge on boxes of processed pasta, but it made me feel less guilty. I’m calling this one my win of the week.


march already? March 2, 2011

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The days have been whipping past — I’m up early, working on school assignments (why, WHY did I decide to take classes and start a new job at the same time??), working out, then getting ready and heading off to work. Work itself is a whirlwind and time goes faster there than it has for me at any other job. Unlike pretty much every job I’ve ever had, there is zero downtime during the day. This means I can’t get my personal work done on company time and I find myself scrambling when I get home.

This time next week Mom and I will be on our way to London. I can’t wait to revisit the city and share the experience with my mother; it’s her first trip overseas. There will be no work, no school assignments, no chores or other obligations while I’m gone. Hell, my phone doesn’t even work across the ocean. All I can do is live in the moment, untethered and grounded at the same time.

Once I return I know I’ll be refreshed and inspired, ready to get back to my freelance projects and fulfill my obligations. I’ll find a routine that works.