Little Ms. Polymath

aka the know-it-all

march already? March 2, 2011

Filed under: life — mspolymath @ 12:42 pm

The days have been whipping past — I’m up early, working on school assignments (why, WHY did I decide to take classes and start a new job at the same time??), working out, then getting ready and heading off to work. Work itself is a whirlwind and time goes faster there than it has for me at any other job. Unlike pretty much every job I’ve ever had, there is zero downtime during the day. This means I can’t get my personal work done on company time and I find myself scrambling when I get home.

This time next week Mom and I will be on our way to London. I can’t wait to revisit the city and share the experience with my mother; it’s her first trip overseas. There will be no work, no school assignments, no chores or other obligations while I’m gone. Hell, my phone doesn’t even work across the ocean. All I can do is live in the moment, untethered and grounded at the same time.

Once I return I know I’ll be refreshed and inspired, ready to get back to my freelance projects and fulfill my obligations. I’ll find a routine that works.


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