Little Ms. Polymath

aka the know-it-all

sunday. January 30, 2011

I was up super early this morning to do our laundry, clean the bathroom and get my finances in order. Are you salivating yet? I even picked out all of my outfits for the week! Last week was a whirlwind — I was out of town for training for three days, and while I actually enjoyed it, it did cramp my style quite a bit. And I missed Jason’s birthday. I feel terrible about it. But maybe not so bad about missing the family dinner, which apparently served up the usual drama.

Last year if you’d asked me about going on a cruise I would have said they are germ-ridden death traps. But now that I’m learning about cruises and staring at photos and/or video of tropical locales all day long, I really want to escape. It doesn’t help that I’m drawn to the luxury cruises (would you expect anything else?) and checking out staterooms that are bigger than our apartment. Yes, I do need 24-hour room service and a butler on-call. Yes, yes yes!

Like most of you, I’m worn down from the cold and the bleak landscape and long for some sunshine, and the cruise porn doesn’t help much. But I’m adjusting to the 40-hour week much better than I thought I would. There are a few areas I’m behind on — I’m still writing and have clients who probably want some results, but I know I’ll get that situation righted this week. Thanks for your patience (especially you, Jenn!)

I’m looking forward to an afternoon of 30 Rock and Parks and Recreation. I think we’re getting pho today. Simple pleasures, people.


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