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so long, farewell. December 31, 2009

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I’ve been working on my best-of-books for 2009 post for a while now, but I really don’t have the drive to finish it today. I’m so glad to close the door on this year – it has been a pretty crappy 12 months for everyone. So many people I love have dealt with upheaval and unhappiness this year, all of it compounded by the economy. The shiny new hope that the presidential election brought wore off pretty fast as I think we collectively realized the previous eight years wouldn’t just melt away. I feel like 2009 was draped in some sort of gray mourning cloth. It was gloomy and dark and while not tragic, just so unappealing. It was hard to get excited about anything.

I had my own struggles in 2009, thankfully nothing I couldn’t overcome with the help of my loved ones – dear family and friends without whom I couldn’t make it. Jason is especially a blessing, as is my Mama (happy birthday!), Jenn and Annette. Thank you.

According to the Chinese zodiac, 2010 is the year of the Tiger – and I was born in the year of the Tiger. It’s also the year of my palindrome birthday (1020 2010). There are a few bumps in the road ahead, but I have a gut feeling 2010 is going to be the best year yet.

So, blessings are counted, resolutions, plans, and to-do lists are being made as we speak, and I’m going to the spa. Life is good, but it’s going to get better – for all of us.


Grrr. I'm coming for you, 2010.


box seat. December 29, 2009

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My love for Charley Harper is no secret. Jason is awesome and surprised me with this print for Christmas. He even had it framed!

Because I am his bunny.

I think this piece is so clever and whimsical. We hung it so it’s visible from the bed. It makes me smile every morning when I wake up.

And if the Charley Harper print isn’t sweet enough and you’re really interested in choking on the cute, check out this other rabbit-related item Jason gave me for Christmas:

Yes, I collect snow globes, though I think this is the best one ever. I'm going to have to get pretty selective about what joins the collection from this point forward.

 It’s almost too much, isn’t it? But not quite.


disposition. December 28, 2009

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Now it's clear! I hadn't realized it was all my fault.


nice shirt. December 24, 2009

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Merry Christmas Eve! The weather is truly frightful here.

Only two more days of less-than-perfect Santas….today’s offering is just sort of odd.

Is the little girl crying about Santa's shirt or his knickers?


christmas on the silver screen. December 23, 2009

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I have to admit that when it comes to Christmas movies I’m not much into the black and white classics. Like with any genre of film, I certainly have my highbrow days, but for the most part I like comedy or action or a combination of the two when celebrating the birth of little baby Jesus.

I decided to compile a list of my favorite Christmas-time films. There’s no possible way I could rank these – while there are certainly cinematic classics in this list I doubt there’s much of an Oscar pool. Anyway, I’ve found the quality of most movies, even holiday films, can be dependent on my mood while viewing the movie. And I doubt there are any shockers here, either; it’s just a reminder that there’s plenty of great cinema if you’re looking for a distraction over the next few days.

Oh, Die Hard. Such a perfect Christmas movie. German terrorists, Japanese businessmen, honor, loyalty, bearer bonds. Oh, and a cop who will stop at nothing to save his (feisty) wife.

Quite a few of my friends rank Gremlins as their favorite yuletide flick. Cute, fuzzy little Chinatown pets have so many rules! Personally, I think Polly Holliday steals the show as Ruby Deagle, a cross between the Wicked Witch of the West and Mr. Potter from It's a Wonderful Life.

And speaking of It's a Wonderful Life, it truly is a wonderful movie. This is maybe the only classic-classic I have on the list. I never grow tired of Zuzu's petals or young George Bailey getting clapped on the ear for questioning the grieving pharmacist. And who doesn't love Clarence?

Scrooged is the best version of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol - ever. Bill Murray is snotty and hilarious and vulnerable in all the right ways. It's perfect.

How can you not love Will Farrell as Buddy in Elf? I always sort of imagined Santa Claus looking like Ed Asner, and this movie confirmed those thoughts.

No child should ever see Bad Santa. I think I'm scarred from Bad Santa. Still, John Ritter is priceless, and Lauren Graham's turn as a bartender with a Santa fetish is hilarious. Nobody does scummy, scuzzy, or sleazy like Billy Bob Thornton.

TNT has sort of ruined A Christmas Story for me. Still, Darren McGavin as Ralphie's father is one of the funniest performances in any Christmas film and I always try to catch some of his performance over the holidays, even if I can't really stomach the entire movie anymore.


Oh, when life imitates art. Randy Quaid was recently charged with a slew of crimes, including defrauding an innkeeper. Obviously he was born to play Cousin Eddie in the National Lampoon Vacation movies. The Christmas edition is by all accounts simply awful - but there are so many slapstick, laugh out loud moments that it's a Christmas must-see.


Dan Akroyd is the nastiest Santa ever in Trading Places. This movie is simply genius, as Eddie Murphy and Akroyd plot, with the help of a hooker with a heart of gold and a savvy butler, to get revenge on a pair of high rolling brothers. It's the best Christmas comedy ever.


thwarted. December 22, 2009

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Last night we watched Alec Baldwin’s tour de force SNL skit Schweddy Balls. I wanted to post the video on my blog, but I can’t get Hulu and WordPress to make nice, so it’s just not happening. The skit first ran in December 1998 and honestly it’s just as hilarious today. Because really, what’s funnier than talking about balls?

Here’s your daily dose of nasty Santa:

Is there a better embodiment of the spirit of Christmas?


gimmick. December 21, 2009

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We watched Julie & Julia last night (on our NEW TV!) and it was lovely. Meryl Streep is amazing, and the food was a solid co-star. Julie Powell wrote the original Julie & Julia blog, which got her a book deal, which got her a movie deal. And now she has another book out.

I don’t want to cook my way through Mastering the Art of French Cooking over the course of a year (thought I’d happily eat my way through it). But I do want a book deal, and certainly a movie deal. I’d let Amy Adams play me any day of the week. Soooo, how to catapult my blog to stardom? I guess I need some sort of gimmick. Something that resonates with millions of people. Something that cuts through the blogosphere and shines so brightly people confuse it for gold. Which makes them want to throw money at me.

So let me know if you have any ideas. Until then I guess I’ll just stick with nasty Santas.

More than anything, I'm confused by the double beard action.