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schuwheeeeet. March 31, 2010

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I have been exceptionally good this Lenten season. Okay, there was the one incident with the braunschweiger in Monroe, but other than that I’m clean. Clean, I tell you! I even passed up bresaola. And despite multiple cravings, I have not had any chocolate. Oh, sweet chocolate. How I miss thee.

Once the clock strikes midnight and it’s officially Easter Sunday, I’m getting to work on some goodies. You can bet these bad boys are first in line.

Don't cha just want to lick your monitor?

Thanks, Martha.


nett. March 30, 2010

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Happy Birthday, dear friend. You are a light in this world. After 20 years you still make me laugh until I pee (which I suppose is easier these days, but still…). Everything good in you is outsized: your heart, your brain, your laugh, your Gene Simmons hair…I could go on and on. I love our adventures and I can’t wait for more. Love you.

Austin, 2009.


One of the best things about Annette? She's never afraid to wear a foam visor. Hell, she'll even make her own.


twirl 3/29. March 29, 2010

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This week I really love this line from e.e. cummings:

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” 

And this, too:


routine. March 26, 2010

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Recently my friend Lauren wrote about dealing with the passage of time while unemployed. I couldn’t agree more. I’m not unhappy about my jobless situation – it’s allowing me to create a new life for myself. But developing a routine is an adjustment for me. Days tend to run together without the regularity of logging into a corporate network and things just sort of get hazy. I suppose there’s good and bad in this.

I’ve never been one to live in the moment. I make lists of lists and I’m habitually 15 minutes early. But now there are days where I have no where I *must* be and no real sense of urgency. So I allow my hours to meld together and often end up feeling like I’m drowning.

Lauren pointed out that it’s easy to slip into doing nothing because you can do anything whenever you want when you don’t have to punch in at work. I think it’s almost like having too many TV channels; I flip and flip, afraid I may miss what I really want to watch, and usually end up with nothing. There are days I’m so worried I should be spending my time in a more productive manner I just end up wasting it.

So my challenge for next week is to create a solid routine. Despite my joblessness, it seems I’ve got more obligations than ever before: a new business to develop,articles to write, and assignments to hand in, not to mention an apartment to clean, meals to plan and make, and laundry to wash and fold. No more time grazing for me, I suppose. I’ll live in the moment when I’m retired from unemployment.

If I can't discipline myself into a workable routine, Plan B is to get a Hammond Organ.


built-in nipple. March 25, 2010

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Well, my prayers are answered.

I wonder how many Google hits this blog entry will get from people looking for nipples on the internet. And I don't mean nipple bras, if you get my drift.


crazy heart. March 24, 2010

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We finally saw Crazy Heart last night and it completely lived up to my expectations. Jeff Bridges is perfect. The music is perfect.

T-Bone Burnett and Ryan Bingham wrote most of the songs Bridges’ character performs in the film.  I could listen to (Oscar-winning) The Weary Kind over and over again. Bingham’s acoustic version gives me just the slightest sense of Paul Westerberg – something about the ache in his voice, I guess.

There was a moment in the film where I wanted to leap into the screen and trim Bad Blake's out-of-control eyebrows. But other than that, I was riveted.


today's lesson. March 23, 2010

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Create your own mythology.

Stop going along to get along.

Trust your gut.

Be kind to yourself and others, but don’t be kind to others at the expense of your true self.

Don’t worry so much.

Dream big. Live bigger.

I need to follow my own advice.