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today’s list. August 24, 2010

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Hey, it’s an official list of complaints – special back to school edition!  What’s irritating me today:

1. People walking barefoot outside – on the streets and sidewalks
Yes, I saw multiple people barefoot today and none of them were on grass. The girl wearing the tights? Yeah, that was just weird. And the woman wearing business casual separates with her completely bare feet? I was baffled. Not only is it unsanitary to walk on city streets without shoes, it’s unsafe. There’s all kinds of debris and hazards lurking. Yes, I realize these barefoot people don’t affect me or my life, but it pisses me off anyway.

2. Incoming freshmen (and their parents)
No, the one-way streets in Madison don’t become two-ways just because you’re driving your massive SUVs (with Illinois plates) the wrong way. You honking at me isn’t going to magically change the right of way! You double parking and opening your door in front of a moving vehicle on a very busy street isn’t going to win you any friends. I could go on, but my blood pressure is rising.

3. All the f*&$ing construction!
There have been jack hammers outside my window from 8-5 for the past week. And now they’re renovating the unit above ours using the loudest tools they could find. I’m a gonna lose it. Seriously.

Yeah, so that’s it for now. I mean, I could probably find more things to complain about, but it’s not very healthy. I need to watch the finale of the Real Housewives of New Jersey on my DVR.


that's what all the fuss was about? July 2, 2009

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Before tables were thrown. Image from Bravo TV.

Before tables were thrown. Image from Bravo TV.

This week I haven’t been psycho-stalking Jezebel like I normally do, so I missed Midweek Madness.  Apparently benign, yet authentic, New Jersey Housewife Jacqueline revealed the truth about the latest Danielle vs. Dina dust up to Life & Style.

“Danielle was trying to harm Dina by giving her ex-husband a phone number that might give him leverage in the custody of their daughter Lexi.”

That’s it? I was convinced the feud centered around an attempted hit. I suppose custody matters are no joke, but I think the drama is a bit out of hand. And apparently the ladies still don’t want Danielle in the room. That’s too bad, because as I’m sure Bravo and their respective attorneys will inform them, foils are essential for a good plot line.