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daylight savings. November 7, 2010

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Is it the beginning or the end of daylight savings? I can never remember the difference. I do remember when I loved rolling back the clock an hour as a kid because it meant an extra hour of sleep. Then later it mean an extra hour before last call. Now it means an extra hour to get stuff done. Oh, how sad.

We had a quick trip to Chicago this weekend, chock full of family drama and torment. We also enjoyed German food and polka! It was a heady mix. I promise I’ll post pictures soon.

Meanwhile, I’m trying to keep this advice in mind:


Hello world! May 27, 2010

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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!


lady writer. May 26, 2010

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I guess products  targeted at women (and the associated advertising) have always pretty much sucked. Still, I’m glad I live in a time where (I think. I hope) my dream job title doesn’t have to be prefaced with lady. Oh, and that I don’t have to wear a girdle.

I bet there are a lot of pissed off j-school grads out there. The secret to a high powered editor's job really was in your pants.


Do not be afraid of evil consequences. That's a sterling recommendation if I've ever heard one!

Do we even have to wonder why women have low self-esteem? How can you win when you have to worry about your weight in so many different lighting scenarios?

And the best for last…

This deodorant's active ingredient (hexachlorophene) is a carcinogen that causes skin lesions and ulcers and spinal cord damage. But hey, your vagina smells fresh!


what you owe. May 24, 2010

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Sorry to disappoint, but I suppose this post is really just my to-do list for the week.

First off, don’t say ANYTHING about Lost. We haven’t seen it yet but will watch it tonight.

I’m heading out to see a client today who is also a professional masseuse (and friend). I scratch her back, she rubs mine. It’s a beautiful relationship. 

Wednesday I’m meeting up with a former colleague to give her some insight and advice into the wonderful world of freelance. She’s one of those radiant people who always makes you feel better about yourself just by being around her. I’m flattered she’s asking me for any sort of help.

Wednesday I’m also going to meet my friend Lindsay’s baby boy!

Hm, what else aside from slaving away at my computer? I can say I paid off two credit cards this week. Sure, they were very small, but they’re paid and it feels soooo good to remove them from my budget.

Jason and I were talking about the idea of debt and what we owe to other people this weekend. I don’t think we owe someone a debt for doing what they’re supposed to do. I do think we owe respect and courtesy to everyone, but love is not an obligation, nor does it create an obligation, right? I mean, I understand sacrifice and all, but I wouldn’t want people doing things for me just because they felt forced into it. Maybe I’m weird?

Finally, you won’t see my shadow or hear a peep from me tomorrow. I’ll be curled up with my Kindle all day.

It's always so bittersweet when something you love ends.


brain rot. April 29, 2010

Yes, I watch the Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat II. I love the Housewives of New York (is Jill crazy this season or WHAT?) and New Jersey, though I’ve never watched the CA or GA editions (I have SOME standards). Every week I look forward to Survivor and the Amazing Race and I absolutely adore Top Chef.

It’s embarrassing how much I like reality TV. We have definitely survived a long-term relationship that began the summer after my junior year of high school when MTV started airing the original Real World.  Who wants to listen to a little of Kevin Powell’s spoken word? How about some Reigndance?

Anyway, it’s been a long and rocky road. I’ve got my shame (Temptation Island, anyone?) and there are times when we’ve definitely disagreed (I’ve yet to watch an episode of the Bachelor or Dancing with the Stars – thank God for The Soup!), yet we’ve always come out stronger than before.

And before you get too high and mighty, note that I read several books a month and spend my weekends saving disabled babies from sharks. Okay, well, not the second one.  But I promise despite my reality viewing habits I still have a smidgen of cultural sophistication, I’m just keeping it on the down low for now, in case anyone’s watching.

These skanky broads are one of the best freakshows around. I can't stay away from their table-flipping, boob-enhancing drama.


relax. April 27, 2010

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I’m working on the breathing and the living in the moment crap. I like control and lists and plans and more control. Sadly, life doesn’t work that way. I’ve found my attempts at dictatorship are limited to myself and occasionally small children, though they always revolt sooner than later. And the things I can control aren’t really things I want to control, like my diet or my attitude. I much prefer to give in to whims and temper when it comes to my attitude.  Sometimes I feel like my foundation is crumbling, but I promise I’m working on the breathing.


detox. April 26, 2010

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As you may recall, I gave up meats and sweets over the Lenten season. While I didn’t see any weight loss thanks to the experiment, it was a good lesson in deprivation and taught me I am very much a carnivore, though I don’t eat as much meat now as I did prior to Lent.

I can’t say the same about sugar, though. Once the Lenten restrictions lifted, I started going after sugar like Augustus Gloop in Wonka’s factory. I became insatiable for chocolate, cake, ice cream and cookies. It was bad. Three or so days after Easter, not only was I few pounds heavier, but I also noticed a fresh crop of nasty pimple had arrived. During my sweets exile, my skin cleared up noticeably. I chalked this up to improved use of the topical treatments my dermatologist gave me.

Nope. It appears the latest chapter in my lifelong struggle with acne is influenced by my sugar (and probably other refined goods) intake. So today is the dawning of a new period in my life. Not only do I want to return to the almost-clear skin I had just a month ago, but I also need to drop weight. A lot of weight. Story of my life.

But anyway, I’ve started out on a nutrition journey that leaves no room for sweets. No cake, no pie, no cookies. I’ll miss you, dear friends, but my face won’t, and neither will my ass.

My latest alter ego. I should have tried smearing chocolate on my face to cover up the zits!